Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a 27 year old Devon girl, born and bred. I spent my childhood here, studied for my degree at the University of Exeter, and now raise my family in this beautiful county. I live with my husband Martyn, my one year old daughter Madeleine and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Elmo.

Since the birth of my daughter last year, I have developed an entirely new love for both photography and the written word. It has enabled me to document and treasure every important moment in Madeleine’s development, and capture each special family adventure. I love to share our fun UK outings, and to demonstrate that there are so many beautiful places right on your door step, just waiting for you to explore.

Without doubt, becoming a mum has been my greatest triumph, but there are also days when it feels like my hardest trial. Like every first time mum, I am on a constant journey of discovery as my baby evolves into a little girl and I get to grips with every facet of parenthood; from breastfeeding to teething, sleep training to weaning. I hope that by sharing my experiences so far, and by showing you the products that Madeleine and I both love and use, that I can help someone else too on the rollercoaster that is parenthood.

Have you got a question? Is there a topic you would like me to cover on the blog?

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