Before Madeleine, if you had said the word ‘personalised’ to me, I may have run a mile. That’s because it reminded of childhood excursions, when every attraction’s gift shop was rammed full of kitsch, named goods; from mugs and pens, to stickers and keyrings. Today though, the term means something very different. It depicts an item that is beautifully designed, carefully made and truly unique. Personalised gifts are now in a league of their own, and I am officially obsessed.

Over the last twelve months, Madeleine has accrued quite the selection of customised things. That ranges from clothing to artwork, and even books too. Some were kindly to her gifted by family and friends. Others were hidden treasures that I had to buy too. In this post, I thought I would share a few of my favourites. If you are a new parent or soon to be, then I apologise in advance (they will likely capture your heart as they did mine). I adore Madeleine’s precious keepsakes; they are sure to stand the test of time.


If you follow me on social media, or have perused my recent blog posts, then you will know, only too well, the extent to which Madeleine loves to read. Her entire face beams when she sees a book, and she will instantly explore every crevice of each page. That means lifting flaps, feeling textures, and analysing illustrations too. So, when Madeleine received a personalised book to mark her first birthday, I think her world was truly made.

In this story, titled ‘The Birthday Thief’, your child is the main protagonist. Someone has stolen their special day, so they set out find the culprit by following a paper trail through magical lands. The tale ends with an evening of celebrations, and the ‘thief’ joins the party as well. Madeleine’s name is referenced throughout this book; and that really brings the story to life. It also highlights her birth date, which is a truly special touch and definitely makes it feel more personal to her. I adore the use of rhyme in this tale; it is exciting and engaging, and I’m sure that it will capture Madeleine’s imagination as she grows. There couldn’t have been a better fit for this little bookworm. She loves this book, and so do I.


I’m sure that every parent will agree with me when I say that, one memory which will never leave you, is the moment that your child is born. When I have a bad day, and I feel that parenting is tough, I like to reflect upon that and remember what a privilege it is to raise my little girl. Madeleine turned one last month, and amongst the gifts that she received, was this unique piece of artwork from her godmother. It is a great addition to her nursery and has become the best visual reminder of an amazing point in time.

Described as your star map, this print presents the night sky, as it was, at a specific time and location of your choosing; in this instance, that was the moment that Madeleine entered the world. The map is extremely detailed and shows constellations, faint stars and even planets. In addition, it is personalised with Madeleine’s name, and the time, place and date of her birth. It is brilliant that you have the freedom to add as little or as much detail as you like to your print, and are able to play with various fonts too. We are thrilled with our star map, and will certainly treasure it with Madeleine in years to come.


It is definitely no secret that Madeleine has never been a huge lover of sleep. Though she doesn’t wake through the night anymore (which we are so grateful for), she will still start the day, religiously, at 5am. At that time, we bring her downstairs, and she sits quietly for half an hour or so, watching CBeebies or similar. Madeleine loves to snuggle in our arms, wearing her pyjamas and her personalised robe too.

This gown is the perfect cosy garment for our early ‘play dates’; it keeps her so warm, whilst also giving her the freedom to play and move. It has two large pockets to the centre, which Madeleine loves to collect trinkets in, and an eared hood which makes for the perfect photo opportunity. Her name appears on the chest of the robe, and has been beautifully embroidered into place. I love that; it really adds to the finish, and ensures that it will last.


Without doubt, every parent and parent to be should become acquainted with My 1st Years. This brand has the greatest selection of personalised children’s goods, which cater for every aspect of life, at each developmental stage. Madeleine is currently moving into toddlerhood, which is evident as she is wanting to do more for herself. I have been keen to aid this transition, and have therefore started to involve her in parts of our everyday routine. I found this backpack on the My 1st Years site, and thought that it would be the perfect gift for my independent daughter. Madeleine enjoys placing items into boxes or drawers, so this serves as a great substitute.

I loved the extent to which I could personalise the bag. I was able to choose from four complementary colours and four different texts; they can be previewed as you input your child’s name. It also arrives wrapped in tissue and presented in a gift box, which is the sweetest touch. The backpack itself is adorable. It is covered in pastel coloured flamingos and mint green leaves. There is a large, zipped pocket on the front (which has been great for storing snacks in) and padding on the straps; that is perfect for tiny shoulders. I can really see this backpack growing with Madeleine, and being utilised even more as she develops. It is such a special accessory and I can’t recommend it enough.

Do your children have any personalised belongings? Which are their favourites? 

I would love to hear about customised items that you adore too. Do leave me a comment with your recommendations.



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